Goblet Squats: The Perfect Accessory Leg Exercise

Whether your focus is on strength or hypotrophy, squats have been a keystone exercise in building strong, muscular legs. While you’ve probably heard of back squats, front squats, and maybe hack squats, not too many people are aware of the goblet squat.

Top Position
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As you can see in the picture above, the goblet squat are a variation of the front squat. Goblet squats are normally done by squatting between your legs with either a dumbbell or kettlebell held at your chest. I say that the goblet squat is the perfect accessory leg exercise because it’s readily available in almost every gym setting and it’s easy to set up. Barbell squats, whether it be a front squat or a back squat, are not always practical if you’re in a rush or if there isn’t a squat rack open. There are many different ways to throw goblet squats into your leg workout.

Warm Up Exercise

The goblet squat is a great exercise to use as a warm up because they activate the muscles that will be used for later leg movements like the back squat. You can do this by using very light weight and higher reps to get your legs warmed up.

Super Sets

I personally love super setting my straight leg deadlifts or light squats with goblet squats. After I finish my set of squats or deadlifts, I will go to over to the dumbbells and do a set of 10-15 goblet squats. Because it is a relatively quick exercise to setup and perform, I think it’s great for super sets. It can be done with any number of exercises; leg press, quad extensions, hamstring curls, etc.


I think goblet squats are also a great exercise for your physical leg development as well. Because the goblet squat isn’t usually focused on using very heavy weight, it’s great for the hypotrophy of your legs, especially your quadriceps. I attribute a massive amount of my leg development and the “tear drop” of my quads to doing many sets of goblet squats.

Great for Beginners

The goblet squat is also a great exercise for beginners because the form is so easy to master. Along with this, doing goblet squats forces you to tighten your upper back and core, which is necessary when doing regular squats. By doing goblet squats, you put yourself in the position to be able to squat heavier weights with good form.